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June 2021 Full Size Box


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Product Description

With theme Sizzling Summer, our June 2021 box will send you everything you need to tackle your summer deployment season. Items include: ADVENTURES OF A MILITARY BRAT: MY MILITARY LIFE BY JOHANNA AND DANIEL GOMEZ This book is about a brave boy that reunites with his cousin, Lucas. The brave boy shares his military life experiences with his cousin. He talks about his frequent moves, making new friends, separation of parents, where his family shops and the fun activities that his family gets to participate in. This book teaches readers that even though there may be many challenges to military life, it is something to be proud of! RANCH ROASTED CORN SNACK BY ROLLING THUNDER SNACK COMPANY The best adventures begin with all your favorite snacks for the road, a hike, or wherever your travels take you this summer. These are a personal favorite of mine, Roasted Corn. These fun-to-eat ranch flavored corn will deliver a savory taste everyone loves, plus they are gluten-free, GMO free, Kosher and low sodium. LAMINATED COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS CALENDAR BY LILLEXILU ON ETSY WITH RED, SILVER AND BLUE FOIL STAR STICKERS I love these laminated countdowns because you can use them in multiple ways. Use a dry erase marker or the enclosed star stickers to count up or count down each month while waiting for your hero to come home. 10 BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL CHALK STICKS (1X4) BY SIDEWALK CHALK 10 different colors which you can use to enhance your child’s visual perception, cognitive skills, creativity and imagination. These rich and vibrant colors help them to create outdoor arts on the sidewalks and play sidewalk games like Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe and Four Square. WASHABLE AND NON-TOXIC. Once the activities are finished, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth or wash them away with a quick spray of water. Also, the colors are easy to remove from the clothes and 100% kids safe. (PARENT TOOL) 32 OZ INFUSER BOTTLE WITH TIME MARKS AND INSULATION SLEEVE BY LIVE INFINETELY Included color matched insulation sleeve, adding hours of cold water temperature! Time Marked water lines from 8am-5pm helping you stay on track throughout the day to reach your water intake goals. Full-Length Infusion Rod - toss in as much fruit as you can handle and you will still have room left over. Fully flavored all the time! TRAINING: 30 DAY WATER CHALLENGE Did you know that you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day? Water is an essential form of nourishment for our bodies and absolutely necessary especially with the added stresses of deployment and the added tears. Since it is officially summer, and undoubtedly each of your families will be spending more time outside, it is so important to stay hydrated. That is why in June I am challenging you, to increase your water intake. You each received a water bottle with time marks to help keep you on track throughout the day and just in case, you hate the taste of water, it is an infusion bottle that you can add fruits and vegetables to, changing the flavor daily. I have also enclosed a 30 day water challenge tracking sheet to keep track of your monthly progress.

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