Monthly Deployment Countdown Box for Military Children with a Deployed Parent



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Sign up before the 23rd of each month to have a box shipped to you on or before the 24th each month with everything you need to help your kids countdown deployment for the month ahead! Go month to month or pre-pay and save!


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Know a family who would love our box? Counting our Heroes Home makes a great gift they can use all.month.long. Offering single boxes or monthly subscriptions.


✨ Count Your Hero Home ✨  

Use the tools and trainings as the parent to guide your children through deployment while using the books and activities to guide a month's worth of fun for your family while counting home your hero!


 What is Counting Our Heroes Home?
Counting Our Heroes Home is a monthly subscription box for military children with a deployed parent. One box for up to five children (no need to buy multiple subscriptions).

How does it work?
Reserve your box by subscribing before the 23rd of the month. We'll curate and send your Counting Our Heroes Home deployment countdown on the 24th of that month.

What if I subscribe later in the month?
Any subscriptions placed after the 23rd will begin the following month unless we have “same day shipping” available while supplies last. You can see when your box will ship on our “Subscribe” page, and you’ll get an email after you subscribe to confirm when to expect your first Counting Our Heroes Home Countdown Box.  

How much does it cost?
You can get your Counting Our Heroes Home for just $41.99/month for a 6 month subscription. Shipping for all subscription products is FREE! Counting Our Heroes Home also offers monthly and 3-month subscription options.

How do renewals work?
Our renewal date is always the 3rd of the month. If you purchased a month-to month plan it will renew every month on the 3rd. If you purchase an extended plan, it will renew every 3rd or 6th month. Orders purchased the 24th-2nd of the month, will not renew until the following month.  For example if you place an order on March 25th, it will not renew until May 3rd. Several reminders are given each month and you can cancel up until the 2nd.

What about refunds?
We want to make sure that you absolutely love your Counting Our Heroes Home Deployment Countdown Box! While we are unable to issue refunds for Counting Our Heroes Home subscriptions that have already been processed, we take your feedback very seriously! You can email with any requests or questions.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Open the “Subscription” details in your account to cancel your subscription, or send us an email and we can help.