What Military Families are Saying About Counting Our Heroes Home?

"We opened the box today 😭❤️ It was all I could do to read the “When You Are Away” without tearing up. The boys were all so excited about everything! They all put the tattoos on right away, and are playing with the popsicle sticks as though they are swords. Of course 😂 And then I saw the card. And the messages from you and your kids. And then I really couldn’t hold back the tears. Please tell Emberly, Griffin, Theo, Madelyn, and Brayden that all of us say thank you. And thank YOU again, Ashley. You are simply wonderful. ❤️

Carolyn H. Mom of Four, Subscriber for Six Months

 They are amazing. They really put so much time and love into each box. I love there personalized notes that make it feel like a gift from a friend.

Arlene M. Mom of Five, Subscriber for Ten Months

"THE BEST DEPLOYMENT SUBSCRIPTION BOX!! My kids and I absolutely love this subscription box. They come with a handwritten note each month which makes it that much more special. " 

Lauren A. Mom of Three, Subscriber for Five Months

"What a delight it has been to receive our monthly home front care package! Each box has made counting down our deployment days a bit easier, as we know something special is headed our way in the mail! We can see that Ashley truly cares about each family with the attention to detail that is evident in each package she prepares. To top it off, she includes a handwritten note of encouragement that always motivates me to keep my chin up and carry on! " 

Mariel K. Mom of Two, Subscriber for Five Months

"Our lives have been absolutely blessed by Ashley and Counting Our Heroes Home! My kids and I look forward to our box every month! It's an incredible way to countdown the deployment and not to mention her encouraging notes always fill my cup! The products/activities included in the box are so thoughtful and intentional with the season or time of year! My kids are absolutely giddy each time they see box in the mail. I'm so grateful I came across your information. "

-Rachel G. Mom of Two, Subscriber for Nine Months 

"I didn’t know the packages would make me feel so relieved! What you’re doing is life changing stuff. I feel so blessed that my little family loved the package so much, and they look forward to the others. Thank you again for making this time, not only easier on my heart, but theirs as well!"

-Ashley W. Mom of One, Gifted a six month subscription to her family while she was deployed

"I absolutely love every month. My husband will be home soon though, but when he deploys again we will be back! Wonderful subscription and it has made a world of a difference for the kids. I’m so very thankful we had this to make this deployment fly by❤️" 

-Sarah H. Mom of Three, Subscriber for Eight Months

"Ashley has provided our family with something to look forward to every month. Our mail lady is just as invested and is so excited to hand deliver them to our door and kids every month and always asks our kids what they got in them every month. We love the family activities and the unique ways to help count down another month of deployment. I am so thankful to have found this at the beginning of our deployment journey. It’s given us some light in the dark tunnel of a pandemic and deployment. I would recommend these to any and every military family with kids. We will be life long customers and will be back for our monthly boxes during every deployment that comes our way. Thank you Counting Our Heroes Home for giving this mama something to help navigate a rough deployment for our family.  

-Natalie G. Mom of Three and Subscriber for Eight Months 

"Counting Our Heroes Home is a subscription box that is so valuable when going through a deployment! Many wonderful activities, books, items and treats to look forward to each month to help all those going through a deployment. The personalized note actually brought tears to my eyes! As much as we’ve prepared, this deployment has just felt heavy and hard but the note was encouraging and knowing we will make it through and be stronger on the other side! We are celebrating the time we have done and are looking forward to the final homecoming. Thank you for providing these boxes; it’s like a present each month ❤️ 

-Nicole O. Mom of Two and Subscriber for Ten Months 

"I received my box today, and being a mom of 3, 2 being very young, your box came at the right time! My husband deployed recently for 14 months. They do not get to come home at all. This holiday season has been a whirlwind of emotions! I can not thank you enough for all you do, and especially for the personal note! Thank you so much! 

-Elena B. Mom of Three and Subscriber for Eleven Months

"We just received our first box today and it was great! My girls loved the bath bomb kit and can’t wait to read our new book tonight! There were also some treats for mom. Which is nice when someone else is sending it to you for a change. And what kind of company sends a handwritten note?! My littles loved that your littles signed them a message!!! Very well done. Although our journey is thankfully almost over we are blessed to have found this company. "

-Amanda H. Mom of Two and Subscriber for Two Months