What's Inside?

Each month you’ll find: 

An introduction to the month’s theme with tips and tricks about making the most of your countdown

5-6 full size products to help you set goals, focus on development and support your family. To include:

 ✨ A unique countdown tool or system to visualize your hero's homecoming date

 ✨ A yummy treat to provide a pick me up on a hard day

 ✨ A deployment-related book with helpful discussion topics for your family to openly talk about and identify their feelings regarding deployment and separation from a parent 

 ✨ A family activity to complete together throughout the month

 ✨ One parent tool to help support your household and nourish your families connections and relationships during deployment


Need more reasons to sign up?

Not only will your subscription include tangible items that can be used throughout the month ahead, but as the parent on the home front you will have access to our exclusive online community of other subscribers/parents who can provide support and tools to help you navigate through any bumps along the road. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This private online group will also provide trainings (including helpful tips and tricks about how to use and make the most of that month's box items) and a monthly training that coincides with the parent tool of the month, designed to make life on the home front a little bit easier.