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March 2021 Full Size Box


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Product Description

The March 2021 box, with theme, Adventure Awaits, gives your family the items to help your countdown fly by. Get ready to get out and explore and have some adventures. HERO DAD OR HERO MOM BY MELINDA HARDIN Some superheroes wear rocket-propelled boots, drive super-powered cars, and have X-ray vision. But other superheroes wear army boots, drive tanks, and go away for long trips to make the world a safer place. It's a tough job, but that's what superheroes have to do. With the simple text and endearing watercolor-and-pencil illustrations, Hero Dad/Mom makes a difficult and tender subject more accessible to children with parents serving far from home ($13) ASSORTED SALTWATER TAFFY BY PETE'S CANDY Pete's famous Sea Salt Taffy is bursting with flavor and has a firm texture. Delicious! All natural, gluten free, dairy free, nut free. ($5.50) KIDS SEASONAL BUCKET LIST SCRATCH OFF POSTER BY CASCADIA MODERN 140 ways to get off the couch, away from those screens, and up doing fun indoor and outdoor activities! Each season has 25 things to do—everything from making a rain gauge in the Spring to having an indoor picnic in the Winter. In addition, each season has a designated theme (i.e service, health, learning and creativity) with 10 activities to complete in each. With 140 things to do this year, there should be no shortage of fun, creativity, and learning while you are counting your hero home. These activities are great for counting down but also for reintegration too!! ($32.95) SLUSHY SWIRL SQUOOSH-O'S BY HORIZON GROUP USA Experience a crunchy sensation with every squish and squeeze as you create fun stress toys! Hear the crunch of crushed ice and feel Its gritty texture as you relieve anxiety with each squeeze. Simply combine exciting materials and watch a cool reaction take place turning fake ice into a slushy feeling. Soothe your senses as you create fun sensory experiences. ($6.99) (PARENT TOOL) CHORE STICKS BY EARNASTAR ON ETSY These chore sticks use positive reinforcement, helping your kids associate chores with fun stuff, to get chores done without the battle. 36 total chore sticks to draw from – 30 printed sticks – 6 blank to customize for your household needs and your family's favorite rewards. A fun magnetic alternative to a chore chart. ($7.95) ONLINE TRAINING: ESTABLISHING/SIMPLYFYING YOUR CHORE SYSTEM Each of you is likely starting from a different point on this one so I am really curious for everyone to share in the group what systems you are currently using. Join me throughout the month of March in the Member's Group as I show you tips, tools and tricks for starting from scratch establishing chores, the best chores for each age and how to use the included chore sticks as this month's parent tool. I really wish that we had a more established chore routine before my husband left for deployment, it certainly would have made things a little bit easier on me. If you have a well established chore system, keep this one in your back pocket for times when you need a little reset.

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