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May 2021 Full Size Box


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Product Description

The May 2021 box, with theme, C.A.R.E, gives your family items to take care of each other at home and across the distance. Get ready to show and feel connection throughout the month. I WILL BE OKAY: ADVENTURES OF A MILITARY KID BY AMY SCHWEIZER: When Roman’s daddy is deployed, it’s hard on him, his mommy, and his little sister Charlotte. Roman’s mommy signs him up for soccer and although Roman and his stuffed lion sidekick, Trooper, aren’t so sure about being in a new place with new people, they end up playing fun games and learning how to play soccer, too! Along the way, Roman feels better and makes a new friend. Mason’s mom is deployed Just like Roman’s dad. Even though it's been a tough few months. Roman knows that everything will be okay! ($16) CRISPY CUTS PARMESAN PEPPERCORN PORK RINDS BY FIELD TRIP: Our premium Pork Rinds are fried in their own rendered fat and tumbled with our premium spice blends to add a unique twist to a classic snack. Field Trip Jerky is nitrate and nitrite free with no added MSG or preservatives. It is a delicious, nutritious, and simple whole food snack with very little sugar. ($3.50) STARRY I LOVE YOU COUNTDOWN WALL ART BY BLACKROSEWOODART ON ETSY: Deployment tracker; Count down by counting up! One gemstone “star” is added for every day your loved one is away so that by the time he/she gets home there’s a sky full of stars and a completed piece ready for display. ($20) LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK CARE PACKAGE STICKER KIT BY SEA TO SEA WITH LOVE: Care package sticker kit for large flat rate priority mail box. Add your own touch to the personalization of this care package for your deployed parent. Check out this month's activity for how to put this together. ($7.99) (PARENT TOOL) VOICE RECORDING BOX FOR CARE PACKAGES BY PAPER PAISLEY: Record your own personal 20 second message! Fill your box up, seal it, and then send it. It's as easy as "Say it, Stick it, Send it! ($7.99) ONLINE TRAINING: CARE PACKAGE 101 In the military, how we show love and affection during separation is often through letters or sending care packages. Whether this is your first deployment or not, I am so excited that Rachelle from Sea to Sea with Love will be joining us this month as our guest expert. Each week in May, Rachelle will be sharing how to put together a care package from start to finish! Topics covered include; picking a box and applying the s tickers, items to send, shipping and custom forms, as well as Q & A and sharing some inspiration pictures. She is also sharing her valuable resource the Ultimate Care Package Packing List.

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