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SUPER MAX'S HERO SURPRISE BY HEATHER E. ROBYN: Max thinks her dad is currently on deployment, but she's in for treat when her dad has an early homecoming and surprises her at school. STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM SNACKABLE MARSHMALLOWS BY SMASHMALLOW: Get ready to celebrate homecoming with this delicious treat. Yummmm. Can you taste it? Freshly picked strawberries, red and ripe, paired with creamy, dreamy goodness. It’s a flavor smash up. A burst of joy and a blast of juicy that hits the sweet spot every time. WELCOME HOME BANNER BY SUNSHINELANEEVENTS ON ETSY: This item serves as your countdown for the month, each white letter can be colored and customized (do one each day in your final stretch, to count your hero home). Not at the end yet, you can start preparing now so you are ready with this sign at homecoming. FAMILY GAME NIGHT ACTIVITIES BY THE IDEA BOX KIDS: Your children will have a blast choosing a coin and leading the family; while at the same time learning the importance of good sportsmanship & teamwork. By playing simple games, your child will also be learning to listen, pay attention, concentrate & think! Not to be forgotten- with all of the learning that is going on, is the most important part of Family Game Night…the memories that are being made while playing & laughing together as a family. It’s a triple-win as the games & activities never get old...your family can do them over and over again and have a different experience every time! (PARENT TOOL) CLOSER COMMUNICATION: MILITARY DEPLOYMENT REINTEGRATION EDITION BY HOPE HOMEFRONT: This is a date night conversation starter/questionnaire all about communicating about deployment once your hero is home and bonding in your military relationship! "Closer Communication" is intended to get you and your hero talking after deployment about topics that will encourage a deeper connection in your relationship. With this code, you can download and print your own copy of a PDF or access it straight from your phone. It provides 50 questions to get you talking through some of the challenges of deployment and how to move forward in unity. ONLINE TRAINING: REINTEGRATION/HOMECOMING Q&A: Learn all about navigating the homecoming and reintegration process as a family and as a couple. This process can look so different for everyone, so I am going to walk you through how it looked for my family and what I wished we knew before. Plus we will talk about all the different options you have for homecoming and how to make the best decision for your family, and then communicate these wishes with others. I will also be doing a Q&A video in the group answering questions that you submit throughout the month. These will cover any topics you want, but mainly we will discuss how to reconnect as a couple (especially when you have kids) and how to get back into a routine when how you do things has likely changed.

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