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October 2021 Box


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Product Description

HAUNTED HOUSE HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN WITH SPINNING WHEELS TO CHANGE DATE: Spooky and fun, this perpetual Halloween countdown calendar can be used year after year! Two wheels change the numbers in the windows so you can count down to October 31st. As you change the numbers the characters in the windows change to many different monsters! Bugs crawl up or climb down the house on the edge of each wheel. Change the moon to different scenes flying by. On Halloween pull up the center tab to show a new design and a Halloween message. CANDY CORN BY EAT PLAY HAPPY: One Pound of Delicious Happy Bites Candy Corn (16 oz) Gluten Free, Fat Free, Dairy Free! Convenient Resealable Stand Up Pouch Bag for Tables, Counters & Office Snacking! MONROE TALES: IT'S NOT GOODBYE, IT'S SEE YOU LATER BY SCHUYLER CROY: When Monroe’s owner must leave for a while, he worries that the time apart is going to be tough. While jumping sky-high for a ball to wading through a large pile of leaves and even getting ready for his owner’s return, Monroe learns that this is only a “See You Later” and not a forever “Goodbye.” Embark on a journey with a fun-loving dog named Monroe whose owner goes away on a military deployment. Get lost in all the experiences and emotions Monroe faces as he learns that these trips are temporary. SCRATCH PAPER ART SET BY TCVENTS: Rainbow scratch off art papers set features bright colors and patterns hidden beneath a matte coating. Easy to use "Scratch" to build ,doodles, and create cool illustrations and designs. Kids can use these rainbow scratch paper art kits create cool illustrations, Christmas gifts, bookmarks, gift tags, hanging decorations, create arts and crafts projects, and express themselves freely. (PARENT TOOL) NO SPEND TRACKER: One of the best ways to stretch a dollar is to simply not spend it. See how long you can go when you challenge yourself to have "no spend days," turning a not-so-fun activity into a game. 25 sheets in each notepad, enough for over 2 years of challenges. TRAINING: NO SPEND CHALLENGE: I don't know about you, but as we approach the holidays and what my family terms as "birthday season" in our house, I find myself spending more and more money. I found this neat little "no spend tracker" to include as a parent tool for the month and I thought how great would it be to challenge our selves to spend less money for the month. While October has 31 days, each sheet has 30 days on it and all you do is cross off a day if you were successful in not spending money. Obviously, we have our basic expenses, but we can be more thoughtful in how we spend, when we buy gas and groceries, etc. to have more "no spend days " throughout the month. Check out our FB group for a quick tutorial on how to use the tool and then start this 30 day challenge.

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