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February 2023 Full Size Box


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A PAPER HUG BY STEPHANIE SKOLMOSKI: Have you ever said good-bye to someone very dear? Here's a story about a little boy who figured out the best gift to give his dad who was leaving to serve his country...a paper hug. This deployment book will help children understand how the family can function in the absence of a deployed parent. A HUG A DAY WHILE OUR HERO'S AWAY COUNTDOWN JAR BY LILYJUNEDESIGNS ON ETSY: Each jar has enough room to be filled with Hershey's Hugs for each day of the month ahead. Loved ones can enjoy unwrapping a hug each evening to remind them that they are loved by their deployed parent throughout deployment. KETTLE COOKED CHIPS BY HEN OF THE WOODS: The Perfect Complement: Add an irresistible snap of flavor to your next meal when you pair it with our flavor-loaded kettle chips. Pack a bag in your lunch box for when you're headed to school, the office, or your next adventure. You will receive one of several flavors available, each just as irresistible as the last. MADE BY ME CREATE YOUR OWN WINDOW ART BY HORIZON GROUP USA: DESIGN WINDOW ART CREATIONS: Color 6 suncatcher shapes and create custom transfers with vibrant suncatcher paints! PUT ON DISPLAY: Use the included cording to hang your suncatchers on the included suction cups, then stick them to a window or glass surface. Window clings can stick without adhesive! (PARENT TOOL) 14 OZ PERSONALIZED CHALLENGER GRANDE MUG BY 4IMPRINT: During deployment we often run our households off of coffee. Use this mug to enjoy your favorite hot beverage with the reminder "Side by side or miles apart, we are always connected by heart." ONLINE TRAINING: LOVE LETTER WRITING: There is nothing sweeter than receiving a love note from that special someone and letters provide a great way to stay connected throughout deployment. Check out the Member's Group and see how I prepare for each of my husband's training, examples included and guide you step by step through preparing your very own love letters. I will provide writing prompts and ideas to get you started. Not sure if love letter writing is for you, I will also provide some guidance for helping your children put their feelings into words in the form of letter writing to their deployed parent.

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