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June 2023 Full Size Box


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I will be okay: adventures of a military kid by amy schweizer: When Roman’s daddy is deployed, it’s hard on him, his mommy, and his little sister Charlotte. Roman’s mommy signs him up for soccer and although Roman and his stuffed lion sidekick, Trooper, aren’t so sure about being in a new place with new people, they end up playing fun games and learning how to play soccer, too! Along the way, Roman feels better and makes a new friend. Mason’s mom is deployed Just like Roman’s dad. Even though it's been a tough few months. Roman knows that everything will be okay! American flag lollipops by oriental trading: Looking for some sweet treats for your next patriotic celebration? Each red, white or blue sucker is individually wrapped with American flag printed cellophane wrappers. Blue raspberry flavor. Starry i love you countdown wall art by blackrosewoodart on etsy: Deployment tracker; Count down by counting up! One gemstone “star” is added for every day your loved one is away so that by the time he/she gets home there’s a sky full of stars and a completed piece ready for display. Paint your own mosaic stepping stone ladybug by creative Roots: Hop right into a world of creative fun as you paint a ladybug garden stone to life! Design unique color patterns and discover the art of color-mixing to create vivid hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents on the beautiful mosaic ladybug! Display your ladybug stone on a shelf, in an indoor plant, or in an outdoor garden. (PARENT TOOL) 10 bright and cheerful chalk sticks (1x4) by sidewalk chalk: 10 different colors which you can use to enhance your child’s visual perception, cognitive skills, creativity and imagination. These rich and vibrant colors help them to create outdoor arts on the sidewalks and play sidewalk games like Hopscotch, Tic-Tac-Toe and Four Square. WASHABLE AND NON-TOXIC. Once the activities are finished, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth or wash them away with a quick spray of water. Also, the colors are easy to remove from the clothes and 100% kids safe. ONLINE TRAINING: CHALK CONVERSATIONS WITH KIDS: This month, isn't so much a training as it is a fun reminder for all parents; including me. I thought it would be fun to guide you all through leaving positive, kind uplifting messages to your kids, via sidewalk chalk. Sometimes without even noticing, my kids do this for me, so why not return the favor. Are they tackling a hard day, trying to overcome a sports injury or tough game, or are you just wanting to let them know you are thinking about them? It can be something that is waiting for them when they come home from their summer activities/daycare or a positive message to start their day. Why not also do this together and just color pictures. You can also bring this out into your community to spread kindness and write positive messages for those around you.

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