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April 2024 Full Size Box


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BUT...WHAT IF? BY SANDRA MILLER LINHART: A touching account of a conversation between a mother and her child as the father is preparing to return home after a long absence. The child, affectionately nicknamed Bean, expresses concern and insecurities at Daddy’s return. As Momma patiently listens to Bean’s concerns, Bean comes to understand that Daddy would never forget. HAYWARD MIX GOURMET POPCORN BY HAYWARD GOURMET: The Hayward mix is our specialty; a combination of caramel and cheddar popcorn in a snack size resealable bag. We are a family owned, small business in small town Hayward, WI. All of our popcorn is handmade from scratch. WEEKS UNTIL I SEE MY HERO COUNTDOWN WITH MARKER BY MADHATTERVINYLS: 8 x 10 dry erase board so you can excitedly countdown the weeks until you get to see your hero again. Please use dry erase markers only. Marker included. Comes with a magnet in the back for easy display. PAINT YOUR OWN MOSAIC STEPPING STONE LADYBUG BY CREATIVE ROOTS: Hop right into a world of creative fun as you paint a ladybug garden stone to life! Design unique color patterns and discover the art of color-mixing to create vivid hues, vibrant color schemes, and decorative accents on the beautiful mosaic ladybug! Display your ladybug stone on a shelf, in an indoor plant, or in an outdoor garden. NO SPEND TRACKER: One of the best ways to stretch a dollar is to simply not spend it. See how long you can go when you challenge yourself to have "no spend days," turning a not-so-fun activity into a game. 25 sheets in each notepad, enough for over 2 years of challenges. GLITTER PEN: This gorgeous pen is covered with rainbow glitter and is just mesmerizing. Use it anytime you need a burst of creativity or to just put a smile on your face. ONLINE TRAINING: NO SPEND CHALLENGE: I don't know about you, but after the holidays and in the middle of what my family terms as "birthday season," I find myself spending more and more money. I found this neat little "no spend tracker" to include as a parent tool for the month and I thought how great would it be to challenge ourselves to spend less money for the month. Each sheet has 30 days on it and all you do is cross off a day if you were successful in not spending money. Obviously, we have our basic expenses, but we can be more thoughtful in how we spend, when we buy gas and groceries, etc to have more "no spend days" throughout the month. Check out our FB group for a quick tutorial on how to use the tool and then start this 30 day challenge.

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