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July 2024 Full Size Box


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WHEN YOU ARE AWAY BY DOMINIQUE JAMES, ED.D: Nothing is the same when a parent has to leave home for a while. See how things are different for these military kids when their dad goes on deployment. KOOL-AID MIXED BERRY FLAVORED UNSWEETENED POWDERED DRINK MIXES: One packet of Kool-Aid Artificially Flavored Mixed Berry Unsweetened Powdered Drink Mix makes a 2 quart pitcher. Powdered drink packet makes it easy to prepare a tasty drink — just mix with water and sugar. Bursting with refreshingly sweet mixed berry flavor. Unsweetened mixed berry flavored drink powder is a good source of vitamin C and contains no caffeine. COUNTDOWN UNTIL OUR HERO COMES HOME BLOCK SET BY KIMANNSGIFTS: This block set will help you count down the days until your Hero comes home. Kids will get excited changing the # of days. PATRIOTIC TEMPORARY TATTOOS BY ARTCREATIVITY: These patriotic tattoos for kids add a patriotic touch to the celebrations and exude American pride in super-cool style. You’ll find a smile-sparking variety of patriotic tattoos in every pack; everything from the US flag, ‘Made in America’ designs, stars and stripes, to more goodness inspired by red, white, and blue. Premium materials mean the tattoos last for so much longer. SAFE AND SIMPLE TO USE: they are completely non-toxic; compliant with FDA tests and regulations. And they are easy to apply and long lasting too! Just use some soap and water whenever you’re ready to take one off. (PARENT TOOL) 6-PIECE CLASSIC REUSABLE JUMBO ICE POP MOLD SET BY U.S. KITCHEN SUPPLY: Fill, Freeze and Serve, it's just that easy to make your own customized ice pops! Make your own healthy ice pops using your own personal touch! Each pop fills to a full 4 oz. Delight Your Kids, and their friends with homemade tasty ice pop treats. Create healthy, nutritious and money saving ice pops in your own freezer. Make healthier ice pops using juices, fruits, jams, yogurts and ice cream to avoid the added sugars from store bought ice pops. No Drippy Sticky Mess, as they are easy to use with a built-in handle and drip guard, so the ice pop can be enjoyed without having a drippy sticky mess. ONLINE TRAINING: ICE POP CREATIONS This month, it is about your whole family coming together and trying something new. Your parent tool was something that I dreamed about including in a box, so I am excited that I was finally able to make it happen and it is perfect for the summer. These ice pop molds were similar to ones that I used and loved as a kid, as it was so much fun to see the creations that you could come up with. Jump into the subscriber group and search "Ice Pop" and you will find video demonstrations and recipes to try with your ice pop mold kits. Sometimes the best parent tool, is something that can be used over and over again for new creations and is something you know your kids will enjoy for longer than just the month ahead. Be sure to share photos and/or videos of your personal creations in the group.

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